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This November, Americans will be showing up at the polls (or online or via mail) to vote for our next President. But millions of eligible voters will not. There are many reasons for that, but I implore you to take a few minutes out of your day to register to vote (I believe it varies, but registration closes Oct 15th in NY) and then to go out and exercise your right to vote. Vote for your Presidential candidate, vote for you Congressmen and Congresswomen, vote for your local representatives, vote, vote, vote.

But why does it matter?

Good question...so many people feel as if their vote doesn't even make a difference. But it can, and you should still vote. (This coming from basically-guaranteed-blue NY.)

Vote because so many generations before you fought and died to ensure you have that right. 
Vote because so many are still not able to, in the US and internationally.
Vote because some people want to vote but can't.
Vote because that is your voice in government.
Vote to show that you care.
Vote to make a change. (Local elections are so important and where you have the most impact. Local officials are also the ones who can make changes and policies that will directly affect you.)
Vote because it's your civic duty and because it's a privilege to be a citizen of a democracy.
Vote because the youth are counting on you and who you elect.
Vote because our troops fight to make sure you maintain that right.
Vote because it gives you, your community, and the issues you care about power.
Vote because it's too important not to.
Vote because it doesn't only impact you.
Vote because our international ties depend on it.
Vote because our environment/our ability to live in our environment depends on it.
Vote because it can change the world.
Vote because it might not.
Vote because you can finally vote in your first election (congrats!).
Vote because it shows politicians that you care...so they can focus on what you care about.
Vote because you can't complain about what happens if you don't.
Vote because your voice really does matter. (Perhaps the Brexit vote would have turned out differently if more young people, who tended to choose Remain, had shown up to vote.)
Vote because all your words and actions don't really matter to politicians if you don't show up.
Vote because you have to. (But actually, let's not joke about compulsory democracy because it doesn't necessarily work out well.)
Vote because you want to.
Vote because your voice matters.
Vote because your voice matters.
Vote because your voice matters.

You might not think your one vote will matter, but when every individual person goes out to vote, it can and does make a difference. How many Brexit non-voters do you think regret not going? How many people who skipped out in the 2000 elections wish they had gone out to the polls that day?

How can you register to vote?

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It's not as much of a hassle as you think it is, I promise! There are plenty of sites and resources out there. You can do it old-fashioned paper way. It's how I registered during my senior year of high school!

But since the deadline is coming up...you can check out these resources, which can give you state-by-state information.

Rock the Vote

Wrock the Vote (a personal favorite and perfect for Potterheads)

Now what?

Now that you're registered, first, congratulations! And of course the most important thing, GO VOTE THIS ELECTION DAY (psstt, November 8th) (next time around I'll leave enough time to write about absentee ballots, though I admit I don't know much about the process myself). 

It doesn't matter if you're registered if you don't show up! Please go vote this year, even if you've refused to vote every election in the past. You matter, your voice matters, and your vote matters.

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