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Happy October, lovelies! I sort of slacked off on the playlist front because I was away and not using Spotify very much, but last month, being back in school and all, I started creating my monthly playlist again. This one's on the short end again, but it also showcases some new loves.

I've been falling more and more in love with Ingrid Michaelson's new album, It Doesn't Have to Make Sense. And I highly recommend watching her music video for Hell No with Deaf West, whom I've been obsessed with since I saw Spring Awakening last year. 

And for those of you who don't know, I'm learning Spanish. Up until now, I've been pretty reluctant to get into Spanish music for a variety of personal reasons, but then I found Reik, and I've fallen in love with their music. Their latest album, Des/Amor, features music that is such a great blend of a pop and singer/songwriter vibe. I don't understand half of what they're saying, but I just love the feeling of their music. (And so helpful when I need music with lyrics but won't distract me too much. My mind doesn't latch onto the lyrics as much.)

But without further ado, here's my September playlist!

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