Reacting: Hollow

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I've decided to start a new mini-series of blog posts called "Reacting," which is my response to the election. There are a million thoughts swirling around my head, and this has fueled me to start speaking out more. I often feel lost in the wave of activism, but I want this to be part of my contribution. If this picks up, I think I'd like to have other people write their own reactionary posts. Mine will range from poems and songs written in the aftermath, to blog posts, to activism messages. Really, it's just a collection of my reaction to this election, whatever form that may take at any given moment. This is the first post of many. This is in raw form. I wrote it in the moment and have not edited it. It may not be perfect and maybe worded in a way that I did not intend, but I want to keep it in its original form.


I feel hollow,
torn down,
worn out,
like I've had the breath
knocked out of me.
There are voices
but they can't drown out
the thoughts in my head.

I feel hollow,
and I can't find words
for what's swirling in my brain.
There are voices
and I want to say something,
but I just don't have it in me yet.

We fight...
for love, for hate,
right now it almost
feels the same.
We play a blame game,
a name game,
but we're all the losers here.
Daggers leaving me
even more broken.
Not just a national tragedy
but also one within.

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