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Hello and welcome! Infinite Golden Floors has been a project in my mind for a very long time, and I'm excited that after a slight delay, I'm finally launching this site.

(PS. I apologize for the suck-y picture above! I don't have Photoshop on my laptop right now, so I was trying to use GIMP. Unfortunately, I have a hard time figuring out GIMP, so there you have it. The name signature at the bottom is likely temporary as well. Once I have PS, my pictures should look better. ;))

About Me

My name is Jessica, and as it says in the side bar, I'm an 18 year old female about to start college. I'll be going to school and living in New York City, and this is my personal/lifestyle blog. Some of you may already know me from my other blog(s). For those of you that don't know about my other blogs, I write reviews (mostly books but sometimes other things) on my own blog, Fly to Fiction, as well as write reviews on Mondays on Feminists Talk Books, and contribute to Lit Up Review, a book blog for teens by teens. But at the time when this blog first became an inkling of an idea, I had been in a huge reading and blogging slump, and I wanted a space where I could post more personal posts. At around the same time, the school year was winding down, and I started thinking a lot more about college life. I decided that I wanted to somehow document that time of my life. At first I thought of vlogging, then I started thinking about journaling, but I sort of knew that those wouldn't likely work out in the long term. I already blog and have an idea of all that it takes. Even though I know it'll be difficult to balance so many blogs and though running and expanding this type of blog seems much more difficult than book blogging, I like that this is really different and is a bit of a different outlet while having similar features to what I'm already used to. And if this really does prove to be too difficult to juggle so much, I think I'd prefer to start posting a few book reviews here and sort of combine the two blogs. But we'll see. ;)

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm a reader, writer, dancer, fangirl, music lover, TV addict and binge watcher, a Potterhead, a wanderlust traveler, a tea enthusiast, a coffee shop finder, and more. I'm hoping to major in political science and public policy and minor in International Relations. I love learning about different peoples and cultures. I'm multiethnic but was born and have grown up in the States.

About the Blog

The name of this blog comes from one of my favorite poems. The particular phrase comes from the line "They who dance find infinite golden floors beneath their feet." This line first stuck out to me as a dancer but has grown to mean a lot more to me. I see it as meaning there are endless possibilities in life. There's often more than you believe there to be. This has become a big part of my life lately, and even though I've begun to use this three word phrase often and for everything I can, as I was brainstorming possible blog names, this one continued to stick out to me. For a personal blog, this seems like the perfect name, at least for me.

In terms of what you'll see on this blog, I'm still trying to figure it out, and these first few months will likely be me just figuring it out. But for now, I'm thinking that my posts will be a heathly variety of life updates/journal-esque posts, posts about my college life, sharing my favorite coffee shops and hopefully some tea shops (there are fewer of those), travel posts whenever I get to travel, posts and pictures of NYC, some posts about books/dance/movies/music, opinion/discussion posts, and whatever else I feel like posting on a whim. As I mentioned, this is personally much more of a means to keep myself accountable in documenting my college years than anything else, so I'll figure stuff out as I go. I'll try to include a "now playing" song at the end of each post; some I'll explain, some I won't, some will be more like mood stuff, others will just be what I'm listening to as I write/schedule/post that particular post, some will be a song I've been obsessed with, and some will just be a song I wish to share. They'll be in the format: Now Playing: song // artist (And if anyone wants, I can create a list of all the songs I use for future reference.)


Lastly, I have an Instagram account, which I've already been using for a few months, as well as a Twitter account I'm still deciding if I'll use. My Instagram account is infinitegoldenfloors and features pictures that may give you a feel for the look/aesthetic I'm aiming for. As for my Twitter, it's infinitegold. I currently already have/have access to four (five but one I rarely use) accounts, so I don't know if I'll be able to handle another one. I don't want to combine it with my book blog's Twitter, so we shall see.


My first thanks/shoutout goes out to the lovely Kaitlin at Next Page Please! for not only all the love and support but also for creating the amazing header I have. Even though she had lots of school work to do, she put up with my complaints and lack of ideas and came up with something amazing. She did it from the kindness of her heart, knowing it was something I needed to do but didn't necessarily have a lot of time to dedicate to. So thank you, Kaitlin!

And thank you for reading this long post, and thanks for checking out my blog and hopefully giving me a chance. I hope you'll come back and read some of my posts. Thanks for stopping by!

Keep finding your golden floors!

Now Playing: the cave // mumford and sons

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